Supposed UFO crash/retrievals in Australia

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Since the UFO phenomena first caused a stir in Australia during the late 1940’s – 1950’s many UFO incidents have been reported and investigated. The UFO field contains several high profile crash and retrieval stories. For example many have heard about the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico ‘Flying Saucer’ crash. With a quick search online you will find many other examples of supposed ‘crashes’ of unknown craft.

Several Australian UFO cases indicate that ‘craft’ may have landed yet no high profile cases mention a UFO crash or retrieval in Australia.  In a bid to dig deeper into Australian UFO history QUFOSR presents Supposed UFO crashes/retrievals in Australia.

NOTE: Most if not all these incidents hold little evidence beyond testimony and word of mouth. This list is for entertainment purposes as no concrete evidence has ever come forward. Do not take these cases as evidence or proof of extraterrestrial life.

1955: Eucla, South Australia

Three men, Max Clow, 23, Alex Rose, 29, and Peter Johnson, 25, come forward claiming claimed to have witnessed the crash of a UFO (the paper states a craft of unknown origin) and it’s living occupant. They saw the craft fall in a deserted area near Eucla, South Australia. The craft crash occurred several Kilometers away from their original location.  The men had an article written about them and provided by the men was a supposed picture of the entity.

They men said that after searching for the location of the downed craft for an hour they discovered jagged and shiny metal. Moving around fifty meters away from the crash the men claim they saw a being ‘resembling a frog from the back and a semi-human from the front. It had a green cloak hanging to just below the knees and its feet and hands were armor plated, and it had a curved horn on each side of the head.’

The men claim that after they took photographs of the being it began to sway and wriggle back and forth. They then claimed that the being “disintegrated” before their eyes.

While unsuccessfully searching for the original newspaper article I found articles discussing a wave of strange lights near Eucla reported in 1954, a year prior to this supposed incident. One explaination for the wave of unexplained lights one year earlier were tests carried out at Woomera, a top secret Australian Nuclear testing base. Click here to learn about one of several UFO incidents that occurred at Woomera.

The original article is in Daily Telegraph, Sydney, on August 2, 1955. If you can find a copy or know where we can please contact us!

1955: Nowra, New South Wales`