The 1966 Tully Saucer Nest


Early activity

For centuries it appears Australia has been a UFO hot spot. Aboriginal tribes along the Murray River often spoke of ‘Chic-Ah-Bunnah’. The ‘Chic-Ah-Bunnah’ is the name given to a huge, bright ‘being’ that descends from the stars.

In 2002 highly respected Indigenous Australian elder, Jack Muriata, stated that whilst playing on Tully River over 70 years previously he had witnessed ‘Chic-Ah-Bunnah’. His estimate dates the sighting between the 1920’s-30’s, although no specific year was ever given.

tullyufowitnessAlthough sincere, Mr. Muriatas story holds little merit in persuading skeptics. The location of Jacks encounter however, Tully, Australia, was later home to one of the most bizarre Australian UFO incidents ever documented.

The 1966 Tully Saucer Nest Incident

Jan 19, 1966: Farmer George Pedley witnessed a saucer-shaped craft ascend over Horseshoe Lagoon near the town of Tully, Australia. Investigating the area from where he estimated the object rose Mr. Pedley discovered a circular clearing in the lagoon. Revisiting the site for a second time before lunch, Mr. Pedley now noticed a mass of reeds floating on the surface of Horseshoe Lagoon. The reeds were in a flattened, clockwise, radial formation.


Mr Pedley returned once more with the owner of the land where the sighting had occurred. When arriving the men discovered they could swim underneath the ‘nest’ without obstruction. They also noted that the water around them was clear and the lagoon floor was free of roots and residue.

There was no doubt in the farmers mind that he saw a disc shape craft rise and accelerate away at a great speed. Radiation tests were carried out but results showed little. Any results were likely caused by background radiation. Botany studies could only conclude the reeds had died from submersion.

The Royal Australian Air Force never could conclusively decide what was witnessed. They did have this to say:

“…there is no explanation for the visible phenomena reported but it could have been associated with or the result of ‘down draughts’, ‘willy willies’ or ‘water spouts’ that are known to occur in the north Queensland area.”

Mr Pedley was never satisfied with the official answers and his story never changed.