Rare account of Westall UFO landing in 1966

The following is a story recounted by a teenager who attended Westall High School and witnessed something unusual on April 6, 1966. Just three months after the Westall UFO encounter this account was released to the public. This account is different from many because 1. the witness was not a child but in fact a high school student 2. the students recollection was recorded very shortly after the incident.

QUFOSR stumbled across this account while searching through an old copy of the Australian Flying Saucer review (No. 5 – 1966).

Westall eyewitness

We’re releasing the biggest New Zealand UFO file collection ever on November 5th 2016

QUFOSR are about to release the biggest collection of official New Zealand UFO files ever. The files contain official documents from The New Zealand Defence Force, The New Zealand Air Force and more. The files contain testimony, photographs, newspaper scans, official reports and sketches.The full download will be available to the public via our social media, website and video description link on November 5th 2016.