Chilean Government release genuine UFO footage (2017)

The Chilean government has just released this nine minute video of a UFO that has left experts lost for explanation for over 2 years.

During November 2014 a Chilean Navy helicopter spotted the UFO during a usual flight. Strangely, the helicopter radar was not able to pick up the object yet it was clearly visible for the crew on board.

Towards the end of the video the UFO appears to spray or eject something not once but twice while being filmed. The infrared camera confirmed this by picking the heat readings when the UFO ‘sprayed’.The spray appears to actually become warmer rather than cooler after the expulsion.

Full credit for original video goes to youtube channel ufosontherecord

Click here for an in-depth Huffington Post article on the Chilean UFO

Pilot UFO Encounters

Pilot UFO Encounters – Incredible Testimonies

QUFOSR presents Pilot UFO Encounters – Incredible Testimonies.

Pilot UFO Encounters is a video collection of testimony and evidence from aviation experts and pilots from around the world who have witnessed unexplained phenomena in the air. The strange objects spotted have been described as gravity defying and beyond speeds we have managed to achieve as humans. Below is an outline of each encounter covered in the video.