The Gundiah Mackay Alien Abduction – Australia

The Gundiah Mackay Abduction is a controversial case in the ufology. October 4th, 2001 Amy Rylance, Keith Rylance and Petra Heller claimed that Amy was abducted by a UFO. Keith stated he had fallen asleep at around 9PM in a caravan bedroom. Petra stated that she went to into her bedroom in the residences annex. Amy stated that she had stayed on the couch watching TV in the lounge room.

Later on the evening of October 4th Amy Rylance claims she was abducted by aliens and according to her housemate Petra Hella, an eyewitness, she went floating through the window carried on a beam of light. Her husband, Keith Rylance, described by the Mayor as a very level headed man, was also a witness to the circumstances. The supposed evidence of this abduction included a fly screen on a window that was split open and a burnt plant on the outside of the window.

Approximately ninety minutes after Petra witnessed the supposed abduction, Amy was found disorientated and covered in mud at Mackay Queensland. For those who don’t know, Mackay is about 790kms from Gundiah. This trip, when driven by car, would usually take at least 8-9 hours.

On discovery Ms Rylance stated that she had been abducted for several days.  When examined by Mackay hospital staff they found that she had in fact not eaten for days, and her usually shaven bodily hair had grown considerably.


Author: QUFOSR

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