Huge collection of eye witness Project Blue Book reports that are still officially unexplained

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Project Blue Book was one of a series of studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force between 1952 and 1970. The study was a third of its kind, following both ‘Sign’ (1947) and ‘Grudge’ (1949).

Although thousands of reports were collected, analyzed and filed through Project Bluebook it was ordered to shut down in December 1969. The United States Air Force concluded there was nothing anomalous about UFOs.

QUFOSR disagree with the official conclusion. Here is an extensive collection of strange reports the Air Force did not regard as anomalous.

CREDIT FOR ORIGINAL FILE: Don Berliner, for the Fund for UFO Research. He has done fantastic work.

You can access the digital file here:

Author: QUFOSR

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